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   Why you need a home inspection

The concept of home inspections was developed to satisfy the needs of a homebuyer by making them feel more comfortable about their new purchase.  For most people it is the largest purchase of their lifetime.  A Home Inspector will review the entire property.  Home Inspectors use a process to look for potential past or present problems that a buyer should be aware of.  A good report consists of 25 to 30 detailed pages that informs the buyer of the good and bad aspects of the home.  A Home inspections will allow the home buyer to have an understanding of their new home.

   Roy Summerville

 Roy Summerville, founder and president of Appraise-IT/Inspect-IT, has over 27 years experience in the construction industry. Trained and certified by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute and follows the standards of practice by the National Association of Home Inspectors. His goal is to educate each owner by providing them with the tools they need to make educated decisions on their property.


Certified through American Home Inspectors Training Institute

Standards of Practice through National Association of Home Inspectors

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